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5 Easy Ways to Lose in Poker

While many systems call for ways to beat the game, there are none that offer a glimpse into the different and commonly made mistakes in the game. Players should be aware of how these mistakes are made and how to rectify them.

Mistake #1 Ignoring one's position

Positioning is a vital part of playing in poker matches. Playing most of ones hands from an out of position would leave the player open to further losses. Good players should play positively from the dealer button. Most players will have the advantage of viewing what their opponents plan to do before acting themselves on the betting rounds. They can use the information to get the most from their good hands.

Mistake #2 Playing With Limited Bankroll

Playing poker is a high variance games. This means that if ones hands are any good, the profit from wins will show up over the passage of time on the game. It is a bad idea to playing a single match with a large percentage of ones bankroll. To do so is virtual suicide for the player and a gold mine for another.

Mistake #3 Playing Too Tight

Many players who are accustomed to full ring poker games would find themselves at a disadvantage for they are not used to adjusting their hand requirements for specific matches. When playing a single opponent, the range of hands must be much wider to cover any unexpected occurrences within the game. Any hands that might have been used in full ring poker must immediately be adjusted.

Mistake #4 Bluffing Too Much

In poker, bluffing is taken to a different level. There are many cases wherein players utilize the bluff too much and players start to see through them. Players have the option to bluff or semi-bluff. Any player who is aware of a bluff will adjust and reduce their calling requirements. To counter this, players must make sure that their bluffs contain medium sized bets to offset and suspicion of their true intentions.

Mistake #5 Going On Tilt

Players who are easily angered or irritated are favorite targets for the tilt. One has to make sure one acts cool and composed instead of firing up and creating a scene. When one is on tilt, one loses concentration and may lose the game in the end. A good remedy for this is to take a long break. Taking a break allows the mind to calm down and assess the hand played and why it lost.

Playing poker can be a very stressful and deceiving game - which is why many players love it. Big pressure equals big cash jackpots and one who isn't sure of ones game should steer clear of Poker until one perfects it.