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Carmel Petresco, Woman of Poker

Barriers are everywhere, invisible walls that keep people from achieving they want - to Carmel Petresco, these are nothing. Poker may be a man's game, but it is this game that Carmel's taken a shine to. She may have been born in Romania, but that didn't keep her from becoming a poker celebrity. Her family would move to New York early on in life and she would travel with her family whenever they would go out. When her days of poker celebrity status were still far in the future, Carmel would first dabble in business by putting up a business, one related to fashion. Eventually, poker would make the call and she would answer, after a few friends took it upon themselves to show her the ropes of the beloved game. She would then take off like a freight training, learning eagerly and even going so far as to do her research with books. Notably Doyle Brunson's Super System was one of her paper tutors. Carmel would first show her prowess through online casinos. When her bankroll could fully support this new endeavor, she moved on to attempt to conquer casino tournaments.

Carmel Petresco's forays into the world of being a poker celebrity really began when she made the critical move into Las Vegas. A new friend that she would make there would start the surge, inviting her into a nightly poker game that she would initially feel hesitant about. Carmel's move had just finished and despite her experience with moving around, this just wasn't her territory yet. Her hesitation quickly gave way to her skill and ability. She would devastate her new opponents and would even build enough momentum to bring her to success at the casino tables. With this bolstering her strength, Carmel would be ready to face her next challenge: a huge poker tournament.

The Five Diamond World Poker Classic was her first tournament, but it wouldn't be her last. The buy in was a thousand dollars and in the No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament, she would finish ninth overall - notable because this one of her earliest tournaments. She had to get over the jitters just to be there. As time went by, Carmel would not rest on her laurels, finishing first in yet another No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament, the Summer Series. This wouldn't be the last of her tournaments. Her aggression and skill coupled together made a dangerous combination. Only the future know where this poker celebrity will go next.