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Detecting Cheats in Online Poker

The Internet is a wonderful haven for gamblers because it provides an environment where going to Las Vegas is no longer necessary. Anyone with Internet access can join an online casino and play all sorts of games like poker, roulette ad blackjack. However, the online gambling phenomenon has also attracted a number of unsavory characters such as scammers and cheats.

Avoiding scams is easy if you know how to recognize a legitimate website. As long as you know which online casinos are legitimate operations and which ones are fronts for criminal activities, you can steer clear of scammers. But there's another bunch of dishonest folks who can potentially rob you of your enjoyment in playing online poker, and possibly your money.

Unfortunately, detecting online poker cheats is very difficult. Unlike scammers and perpetrators of Internet fraud, cheating in online poker is very hard to detect, and much harder to prove. The anonymous nature of the Internet has enabled these cheats to victimize unknowing players and get away with it.

One common type of cheating in online poker is when two or more players connive or conspire to cheat the other players at a poker table. These players share information about their poker hands to gain an unfair advantage over their honest opponents. The conspiring players may act to raise the pot for their companion who has the best hand and thus deprive other players of the chance to win fairly.

Another type of cheating in online poker is when a players uses two different computers and two identities. This form of cheating can be detected by the online poker room by checking the IPs of the players at a poker table. Both types of cheating in online poker can be caught red-handed by studying the hand histories of the players involved in the game and checking for suspicious behavior.

Cheating in online poker is a possibility that you must be continuously aware of, since the online poker room cannot just act on its own to catch dishonest players. With hundreds of poker tables available at any moment and new games formed every minute, it's virtually impossible for an online poker room to catch all cheaters. Online poker rooms need the cooperation of online poker players in catching all types of unfair players.

When you detect suspicious behavior and you suspect that players are colluding with each other or using illegal software or robots, report the incident immediately to the moderator or pit boss of the online poker room. The online poker room usually kicks out the offending players or suspend their accounts.

To further protect yourself from lawless elements on the Internet, make sure that your computer uses the latest security features such as firewalls and anti-virus software. Unauthorized computer access by hackers is a remote possibility that you should be vigilant of.

Cheating in online poker, just like bad beats, is a normal occurrence in online poker rooms that you should accept as reality. But there's no need to worry about that. Just play your best game of poker and report the bad guys to the proper authorities.