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Free Poker Chips--- Get a Set for $0!

When you open a poker site, you usually see boxes flashing with "cash bonus" signs if you sign up or make your initial cash deposit. Rarer an offer as it is but no less valuable, here's another great deal when you play online: free poker chips!

The concept of "free" here means you do not pay a single cent to get your own set of poker chips. However, like other forms of bonuses such as cash bonus or seat at a freeroll tournament, there are a few non-cash requirements that need to be met.

Like cash bonuses, free poker chips are easy to earn. Depending on which poker room is offering free poker chips, you will receive the gift on varying terms.

Some poker rooms grant this package when you sign up. In some rooms, they require that you make an initial deposit. In other rooms, you will be required to create an account or, specifically, a real money account. In some rooms, you need to accumulate a required number of raked hands.

Most of the time, poker rooms offer not only chips, but a poker set complete with decks of cards, dealer buttons, and a case!

Some rooms offer free poker chips as bonus gift without requiring you to play online or make any cash deposit. Other terms do apply. For instance, you may be asked to make a subscription to their newsletter. Some poker rooms have referral program, where free poker chips are one of the gifts they give to any player who has referred their room to other people.

Promotional sites for poker rooms also offer free poker chips when you sign up and meet their requirements. Basically, they would also require you to sign up or play in any of the poker rooms they promote.

Because of the growing popularity of poker, non-poker room promotional sites also offer free poker chips. One site may require you to earn points when you apply, for example, for a credit card from a company they promote. You are not required to make a purchase with the credit card to earn points. You will only need the approval of the credit card company to get your bonus points.

Free poker chips are one of the best deals you can have simply by signing up with an internet cardroom. The price value of a set of poker chips may even be of more cash worth than a percentage-based cash bonus. But more than their price value, with free poker chips you can start hosting home poker or practice playing poker with your friends.