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Frequent Limit Holdem Errors

Veteran Limit Holdem players often make their money from the mistakes committed by the newcomers to the game. If you are new to the game, it is important that you become aware of these common pitfalls so that you will not be turned into a cash cow by the other players.

The most common reason why players lose their bank roll quickly is by playing too many hands. This is often repeated in a lot of online Limit strategy guides, but players continue to make this mistake. It simply will cost you too much money, as the bets that you put in with a worthless hand will take its toll in your bank roll.

Falling for the trap hands is another common error made by players. These hands usually include KQ, KJ, AT etc. They look good at first glance, but the fact is that they can never win you the pot pre flop, because the player with the AA will just re raise you. And if you play to the flop, it is almost impossible to get a decent combination with these kinds of Limit Holdem hands.

You must also learn how to fold pairs with weak kickers. In full table Limit Holdem game, you need something more than a pair to win. If you have a weak kicker to boot, then all you might get is a weak two pair, which can easily be offset by a superior two pair or a full house.

Not raising with good hands is yet another common occurrence, and this can lead to substantial Limit Holdem losses. Usually players who lack knowledge about the value of their hands will make this mistake, as they will have no idea if it is strong enough. You must be aware of the facts.

If you know your hand is strong, raise, and you might win the pot right there. For this reason, an understanding of the hand values for a particular situation is of the utmost importance for any player who wishes to succeed in Limit Holdem.

You will find these errors taking place in a lot of games online, but you will be able to overcome them with the proper Limit Holdem strategies as outlined above.

By constantly working on your game you will be able to overcome these potential leaks and be a better player. Not only that, but by learning to spot these mistakes in other players will allow you to take advantage and profit from it.