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The World's Top Poker Players

Poker, one of the world's most favorite card game has been popular for more reasons than one. It is both an enjoyable and exciting game that people from all walks of life love it! Although poker is considered to be more appropriate for adult players, even the younger generations know how to play the game, even if it is plainly for recreation. But it is indeed from the younger people arise the best poker players today!

First off, let's enumerate the top three poker players since they are the top money earners worldwide are: Jaime Gold who bagged $12,165,973 in cold cash, followed by Joe Hachem who has $10 million and Daniel Negreaneu with $9 million. These poker players must have truly mastered their craft, as reflected by their huge winnings!

Jaime Gold was a former talent agent, this professional poker player from Malibu, California is now dubbed as the biggest winner in poker history after he won for himself the World Series of Poker (WSOP) title and took home the price pot totaling for more than $12 million. As mentioned, his career as a talent agent was his doorstep to being the famous poker player now. While he was in the talent industry, he was acquainted with then renewed poker player Johnny Chan who gave Gold a few tips about landing the professional poker business; and as the cliché goes, the rest was history. His composure and charm while in a match is renowned and admired by poker players and critics from all over, making him not only the biggest poker winner, but probably the most-loved as well.

The player to rank second is Lebanese Joseph Hachem, or simply Joe Hachem for most people, generally played online poker before landing the 2005 WSOP championship and defeating over 5 thousand players in the process. He tells that it was because of his idols Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker that he was able to win the series. He now lives in Melbourne, Australia, however there is still a big question regarding his 2005 winnings on whether he was taxed accordingly.

Daniel Negreaneu on the other hand landed third place as the world's biggest money winners today. In 1997, he had two first place finishes, three WSOP bracelets, two world poker titles and over thirty poker winnings internationally. He is also a member of Team Pokerstars and is engaged in sharing his talent in poker through an online poker tutorial with numerous articles regarding the sport.

These players are well-respected for the talent they possess and the victories that they have bagged. They are also looked up to by the younger generations, and who knows, these young poker players might just be the next Jaime Gold!